Institute with expertise of people with disabilities in their own cause

The Institut für Inklusive Bildung (Institute for Inclusive Education) develops and realizes educational offerings carried out by and with people with disabilities. As qualified educational specialists they communicate the lives, needs and specific perspectives of people with disabilities. The team highlights the problems of people with disabilities to (future) teachers, specialists and managerial staff on equal terms. 

The Institut für Inklusive Bildung links and supports people in colleges and universities, politics, administration, associations and companies in order to successfully implement inclusion in practice.

The Institut für Inklusive Bildung qualifies people with disabilities for educational work and thereby creates employment. As educational specialists they make a valuable contribution to educational work. They should also be able to make a living of it.

The Institut für Inklusive Bildung is an independent institution affiliated to the Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel (Kiel University). The Institut für Inklusive Bildung is legally constituted as a non-profit limited company. Shareholder is the Stiftung Drachensee (Foundation Drachensee).


Zero Project names the Institute for Inclusive Education as an Innovative Policy/Practice 2017


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